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Every 3x4 fan, quick, root for usual_business and soulesssoldier to hook up! ;)

This must be my third posting to all these communities (I'm x-posting to quite a few) because I want to make sure you guys

check us out!

beatofpeace! Do not be fooled by the meagre postings there...XD That's mostly just because no one really posts

in the community, but on their own journals. Some introductions?

__notsoperfect - Our fantabulous Heero Yuy who will eventually (...gosh, I hope so...) end up with Duo (just in case

that's not your cup of tea). This Hee-chan is different from your average run-of-the-mill Heero! He just...is! So go check him out!

braidedjokester - The dynamic Duo of this RPG! Not on sale, folks.

soulesssoldier - Trowa Barton, with an accidentally fitting three s's in his username! Ohhh, the brilliance! He may

not talk much, but hey, this is an online RP, who talks? Anyways, when he DOES "talk", it's meaningful and beautiful. Also he'll

end up with Quatre sometime. Hopefully.

usual_business - The great and Space Heart-ing Quatre R. Winner! His writing is beautiful and eloquent and

sometimes just a little too gay. Just how the real Quatre is, ehhh? He's awesome! I swoon everytime I read something from

him! (And he updates a lot, so you can tell I've been swooning quite a great deal.)

And apparently we're still lacking a Wufei, so if anyone is interested...hmmm? :)

EDIT: And (I don't know how I forgot this...I guess before I just remember advertising a few characters, so it's still pretty shocking that

we have MORE than the pilots! ACK! Sorry guys! XD)

The Very Awesome Characters continue!

colony_sunshine - Hilde-dilde! She may be a whiz at bagging groceries now, folks, but she's a whole lot more than

some Kroger girl! ;)

albino_flame - The Noin of this shindig! How cool is she? XD Somehow I always picture her from the Matrix...but

those guys in trenchcoats and leather don't do her justice! She'll be idolized from here on out when you guys check her out!

She deserves it, too. (Not too much idolizing, Zechs might get maaaaad....)

zechs_merquise - Guess who this is! I know it's hard, but did you try? ^_~ Zechs is the answer! Newly found, I

guess, since he's, you know, not dead...for now...we'll see...;)

myeyebrowsrock - Dorothy Catalonia, mistress of the awesome eyebrows! Also lover of pickled onions. Can

hardly wait to read her entries, huh? ^^

servant4peace - Relena. she's brave and elegant, with a lot more patience than most human beings in the world

(and beyond). She's always busy with something that'll help out the colonies and Earth...definitely someone to watch out for.

uesa_news - Not really a character, but an important aspect. :) These news will keep you up to date with what's

happening when the characters are unavailable to update. Pictures included in the articles! ^^

We're currently doing the Endless Waltz thing on the RPG, so go look! I implore you!

If anyone wants to try-out (I hope I haven't scared anyone away...oops...I'm sorry!), the entry form is in the userinfo of gw_groupies. If there's anyone you'd like to try out for that isn't on the list, go for it! We can always use more

characters! Please, no one try out to try and score an OC, okay?

<3 Thanks, guys!

Any questions about anything related to the RPG? Comment here, or contact the mods, me (Raz) and theangstmonkey (<-- awesome person, always doing the work for me...ehehehehe...I thought I would try to make it up

to her to advertise a bit...;)

razberrycreme - sophisticatedshoes@yahoo.com

theangstmonkey - theangstmonkey@yahoo.com

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