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Shinigami can't die.

So why is this community so dead?

And why aren't there any good, non-pixely Duo images? Or at least a torrent of GW to watch, since it's close to impossible to find the series on DVD that's not a Chinese pirate. All the old sites have been abanoned, and nobody is home, yet I'm just as much a fangirl now as I was when I was 13 (I'm 19 now, so thats pretty long!).

So hello all, let's start up again. My name is Rem and I draw fanart sometimes. Here's one that I did. And here's one my friend did.

In hopes of getting people talking about Duo again (because you know you want to) here's a list of 13 questions about or Lovely. You don't have to answer them all, just pick and choose, and if you feel like commenting on someone elses answers, do so! Just avoid the drama ^^

1.) How did you first get into GW?

2.) Why did Duo become your favorite, or how?

3.) What's your favorite pairing with the pretty God of Death?

4.) Do you draw fanart or write fanfiction, or did you before? Why?

5.) What's your favorite Duo image? Please link if you can.

6.) Have you ever cosplayed as Duo? Where and when?

7.) Do you have any Duo toys like plushies or figurines?

8.) Do you have an Duo collectables like cellphone straps or dogtags?

9.) Are you still actively a fan, or have you gone on away from it permanently?

10.) If so, why, and what series? And what would it take to bring you back?

11.)Have you ever grown your hair out so it could be like Duo's?

12.) Changed your name, or know someone who changed their name, to his (either first or last)?

13.) And just how much do you love him again?

O.o Hope that gets people doing something ^___^
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