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New GW ficsearch community!

Attention all those keen but forgetful Gundam Wing fanficcers out there! Do you have a vague memory of a hot 1x2 lemon you read a month ago but can’t remember where? Did you not add a great 3x4 fic to your favourites and are now kicking yourself?

Then you needn’t worry because mission_briefs is here to answer all needs! (well…maybe not all) This here is a Gundam Wing ficsearch community that will help you locate any fic that you’ve lost the link to, forgotten the author of or just really feel like reading!
Another major role of the community is to supply detailed recs of slash you’ve read so as to share the GW love! Though it's not a fic-posting community, it's def worth checking out if your looking for a specific fic or you just wan to tell everyone about the great slash fic you've just finished reading.

The com's also good if you're a new GW fanficcer and you need some help finding some decent GW fics. Come check us out! Cause we're worth it!

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